Managing Director Profile

Lloyd Lewis Porter IEng FIED

Managing Director and Founder of ICS (Installations) Ltd.

Lloyd Started as a Draughtsman in the Paper Making Industry before moving to STC Defence Systems as a Design Draughtsman, within 18 months he was promoted to Project Engineer. It was here that he first became involved with Submarine Cable Installation and Cable Equipment, supporting the Russian fleet of cable lay vessels. He also worked on the design and implementation of Seismic towed arrays and the associated handling equipment for the same. During this period STC became Northern Telecom.

He then left and moved into the role of Development Engineer with Sulby Vacuumatic where he developed high speed paper counting equipment and book binding machinery.

A further move took Lloyd into the Telecommunication Electronics industry where he was the Drawing Office and Mechanical Engineering Manager of SELTEC Ltd, with overall design authority for the group, and personnel management of Documentation Control, Drawing Office and Mechanical Engineering Workshops.

He then returned to STC as a Development Engineer in Submarine Systems where he was responsible for the design build and implementation of a modular suite of cable installation equipment including Lift Winch, Tow Winch, A Frame, Plough, Cable Engine. His involvement included mobilization, operation and maintenance of the spread.

Alcatel then took over STC and he continued with them working on Installations, Cable Transfers, Cable Repairs and Engineering Projects until Aug 1999 when he left to start ICS (Installations) Ltd.

In total Lloyd has for more than 23 years been active in the Cable Installation Industry.

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